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Need Temporary Parking Registration in New York

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Reader’s Question:

I have an unregistered car in community parking lot. Because of the insurance lapse in NY, my registration is suspended so I returned the car plates. But my community apartment parking management warned me of towing my car because it is not registered. Since I do not have a private home, where should I store my car? Is there a temporary parking registration? Where can I get this?


Brooklyn, NY

As you are aware, registration and driver’s license will be suspended indefinitely if the car is without insurance and he owner fails to surrender the vehicle plates to the New York DMV.

On the otherhand, a lapse in your insurance coverage in New York State and failure to immediately surrender the vehicle plates will suspend the registration for the same number of days that the car is without an insurance but has held the vehicle plates. You should pay the termination fee of $25 when the suspension period ends to reinstate your driver’s license.

The site of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles provides a list of the civil penalties amounts for registration suspensions caused by insurance lapse. You can look for a private storage facility to solve you parking situation until you get your plates back and reinstate your registration since most of the pubic lot, like your apartment’s parking lot, will tow vehicles if the parking lot management finds out that the car is without a registration.

You can check with NYS DMV if there is any temporary parking registration or any other type of decal that you could place on your car while it is in current location so that the car will not be towed.

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