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Am I Covered for Non Owner SR22 In New York in Case of an Accident?

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Q: If I have Amherst SR22 insurance for non owners, and I get into a car accident, am I covered by the owner’s insurance, or what happens?

A: Unlike most insurance, Amherst SR22 insurance for non owners follows you instead of the car. So if you are driving someone else’s car and you get into an accident, it will cover you. But, since insurance follows the car, it will only kick in second. First the owner’s car insurance will kick in, so if they have personal injury coverage as well as collision coverage and liability and the rest, their coverage will take car of all of that.

However, if their coverage is not enough to cover everything, your own SR22 insurance will kick in and take care of the rest. Since you can only get the types of insurance required by the state with non owners, though, then that’s all you’re going to get. If your friend’s collision coverage doesn’t take care of all of the damage, then your own car insurance policy won’t help with that.

One catch is that you’re only able to be covered if the owner of the car gave you permission to drive it or if you have good reason to believe he or she would have allowed you. It’s very hard to prove permission wasn’t given or couldn’t have been reasonably assumed, though.

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